At the beginning of the pandemic, I was speaking to a colleague and they asked, “what is your plan for survival?”. At the time, I didn’t really comprehend the importance of this question, however, as the year progressed it became abundantly clear that 2020 was going to be the year of ‘survive and thrive’.

At Nimble, we place emphasis on the relationships we build with our customers and suppliers, as any business should. We believe the key to our success is honesty, integrity and transparency – and in 2020, we have circumnavigated the most difficult of trading conditions and are proud to finish the year with our existing relationships proving stronger than ever and many new relationships to nurture.

Rather than overload you with information, I’m going to précis some of our highlights. If after reading you think ‘Who are these people? I could do with some help marketing my business…’ we’d love to have a cuppa and a chat and listen to your story, so give us a call!

Here’s a snapshot of just some of our lovely projects to illustrate our capabilities.

Vicky x

Long Term Love

Mowbray Interiors Digital Campaign

Virtual and Zoom meetings in abundance! We have continued to design and deliver various HTML campaigns, achieving new business for Mowbray Interiors. Following each campaign, the Nimble sales team picked up the phone to reach out to prospective clients and arrange appointments with business owners who are looking to transform their workspace dreams into reality!

Railway Benefit Fund PR and Communications

At the end of 2019, Nimble delivered a brand refresh for the Railway Benefit Fund charity. Now, more than ever, the charity is a vital lifeline to those who find themselves facing difficulties due to the COVID 19 crisis. We helped the charity to deliver PR and communications and are looking forward to participating in their virtual Christmas Party!

CAF PR and Communications

Our relationship was established in July 2017 when Nimble Media broke the news in the national press announcing the Newport Factory being built. We continue to work with CAF to produce press releases, award entries and manage media advertising to promote their brand.

Anglian Water Nature Reserve

Over the course of the summer, we designed, printed and installed a fabulous array of information boards for the Rutland Water Nature Reserve in their newly refurbished visitor centre. A challenging project delivered between locking and unlocking the country, we are proud to say this was delivered on time and on budget!  We also designed and printed Park Maps – look out for them if you’re in the Rutland, Alton, Grafham or Taverham areas – for a guide on where to enjoy a spot of fishing or a lovely walk!

And Thrive

With the survival part of the plan executed, we started to thrive and throughout the year, have been nurturing the buds of new business relationships by launching a digital marketing campaign for EcoMotive hand and surface sanitiser – delivering a total of 16 bespoke HTMLs, along with managing their social media promotions and assisting with email and telesales.

Long-term distribution partner, Pear Distribution, have a distribution network for flyers and information at a staggering 90,000 sites across the UK, aimed at promoting visitor attractions and events. During the pandemic, the Nimble sales team reached out to the public sector organisations who were looking to deliver urgent messages to include police, fire, ambulance and local authorities.

Equality Diversity and Inclusion

Building on our relationship with Women in Rail, we were delighted to be awarded the contract to deliver their PR and Communication in July. In six short months, we have already delivered campaigns to include the launch of an EDI Charter for the rail industry, Cuddle Cards, Rail Aid fundraising performance and, just in time for the Christmas season, the Reverse Advent Calendar.

So, as 2020 drifts into the history books, we’re keen to seize the new opportunities that 2021 will present and would love to work with you – if you’re a long-term relationship kinda’ person that is!

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