It’s safe to say that 2020 will go down in history as the year nobody will forget.

It has been truly heart-warming to see the country, indeed the world, pull together in what has been one of the most challenging years in living memory for business and individuals.

Thanks to the support of the wider Nimble family, our colleagues, clients and suppliers, we proved ourselves to be Nimble by name and nimble by nature and I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved this year and would like to share some of our 2020 project highlights.

Vicky x

A Royal Appointment 

What seems like a lifetime ago, back in February 2020 we were delighted to organise the opening of CAF’s state-of-the-art new manufacturing facility in Newport.

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales officially opened the factory; a result of £30m investment and significant grant support from the Welsh Government’s Inward Investment Programme.

We’re continuing to work with CAF Rail UK to produce press releases, award entries and manage media advertising to promote the brand.

The Big Rail Diversity Challenge virtual             

Despite the pandemic halting the live events industry, a sprinkling of Nimble magic (plus a lot of technical wizardry!) meant that The Big Rail Diversity Challenge could still take place.

Delegates participated in physical and mental challenges (including an Escape Room, Murder Mystery, Haka and Body Rap) aimed at demonstrating that gender diverse teams work better together and that, for companies, an improved male: female and diversity ratio in their workforce will boost staff morale, employee wellbeing and ultimately business performance.

It was amazing to see our guests enjoying themselves from the comfort of their own homes/offices, but still showing team-working skills as if they weren’t even apart – sometimes you have to be prepared to change with the world.

Women in Rail Awards

The pandemic forced the cancellation of the Women in Rail Awards. This glitzy event is a highlight in our calendar, celebrating everyone in UK rail who works hard to promote gender balance, equality and diversity in the rail workforce, creating a more inclusive work culture in the railway sector.

Because the live event wasn’t possible, the UK rail industry flooded social media on 22 September 2020 to celebrate the winners of the third annual Women in Rail Awards. In lieu of the live event, a full digital supplement, outlining the 2020 Awards winners, highly commended recognitions and shortlisted nominees, was created.

Discover Rutland

The Spring Summer 2020 edition recorded a record profit for Discover Rutland. In response to the national UK lockdown, we amended our distribution model for this issue to ensure all copies were circulated. Working with Pear Distribution (which has a network of 90,000 sites) the guide was fully circulated in major Supermarket chains within a two-hour radius of Rutland.

Discover Rutland Autumn Winter in a flash – three weeks start to finish!

The people you work with are so important! With support from our fantastic advertisers, clients and trusted suppliers, we turned around the 2020 Discover Rutland Autumn Winter issue in a record-breaking THREE WEEKS – from start to finish!

Thanks to sponsorship from local cement company Hanson UK, we could deliver reduced price advertising to the local hospitality industry and aid recovery from the worst trading conditions in living memory.

Discover Rutland Maps

Following the popularity of the 2020 Discover Rutland Map, work is currently underway to bring out the 2021 map in hopes of helping to boost business going into the new year.

South Kesteven Visitor Guide

Discover South Kesteven was distributed at the beginning of 2020. It’s coming back under a new name in the new year; Explore South Kesteven Visitor Guide. To enable us to reflect the seasons and give advertisers the opportunity to promote real-time offers, we are delighted to announce it will become a bi-annual publication.

DMUK Re-Design

Having worked with the fabulous team at Disabled Motoring UK (DMUK) for over four years we are delighted to have received the opportunity to deliver a brand-new design for their monthly members magazine which launched just in time for Christmas!

Early feedback has been extremely positive and it brings a warm glow to know that the work you deliver helps and supports so many people.


As the year comes to a close we are excited to announce that for the 7th year, we will be helping Anglian Water to publish their annual fishing guide – Hooked! 2021 – which will be available in the Spring.

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