Here at Nimble Media, we love a Space Hopper race but unfortunately whilst a lot of fun they do not help much when it comes to promoting your business – unless of course you add your printed logo to them and mail to customers to raise a smile 🙂

This is just one ridiculous idea we are working on with a customer right now… and one of the many reasons why we pride ourselves on being the ‘Home of the Ridiculously Creative!’

The combination of skills, services and expertise at our disposal means that we can do a whole host of things to help businesses make the most of lockdown easing and future planning. The positivity and teamwork that permeates everything we do enabled our clients, suppliers, and colleagues not just to survive, but really thrive over the last year. Now that the team is back at Nimble HQ, the office is absolutely buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm.

For us, there’s nothing better than getting our teeth into new projects and reaching for new heights. We love getting to know new people and exploring ways that we can help them boost their business. Allow us to get up close and personal with your business; we’ll help you embrace the ‘new normal’ with confidence.

If people don’t know who you are and what you do, how can they do business with you? A saying often used by the Nimble team is ‘You don’t know what you don’t know!’ so let us take your hand and show you…

We’d love to sprinkle some of our Nimble magic on your next advertising and marketing campaign and here are just a few of the products and services we can help your business with…

Marketing and Communications

Reach your customers in ways that you know they will see. We know what works, what doesn’t work, what gets you noticed (for all the right reasons!) and the best places to reach the most receptive audience. Using a perfect blend of digital, print, and social media campaignsprovides the best chance of attracting those all-important customers.

Nimble offer a range of digital marketing solutions; from bespoke HTML emails coded to your specifications – or a targeted digital advertising campaign reaching potential customers as they go about their everyday activities, there really is an option for every budget.


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Fluid digital advertising is the latest service added to the Nimble stable; by using geofencing, retargeting or keyword technology, your business is served directly to your customers. For up to 28 days, your products, services and promotions are placed in front of internet users as they browse online – prompting them to book, visit your website for more information – and more importantly – BUY!


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Printed Literature

At a time when digital marketing and social media is taking the world by storm, it’s vital that businesses don’t forget to include the ‘old faithful’ printed elements in their marketing mix. There are myriad ways you can attract and engage customers in Print; from business cards to billboards, the only limit is your imagination! Nimble’s experienced team will ensure you get the most out of your next print project.

If you need help with the design and production, we can do this for you – allowing you to concentrate on the important day-to-day running of your business. Then once we have created and printed your lovely new literature, we will work with you to determine the most receptive audience possible before distributing in a desired geographical radius using out network of 90,000 outlets nationally.

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So, as you reconnect with your customers, call Nimble and ask us how we can help you grow your audience and in turn, help your business to thrive.

We look forward to getting ridiculously creative with you!

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