It’s time for you to meet another member of the wonderful team at Nimble! Carrying on our Meet the Team blog series – letting you get to know the real team ‘behind the screens’, get ready to meet Geena!

Through this series of blogs, we are introducing Team Nimble! From Sales Superstars to Marvellous Marketeers, we’d love you to get to know more about the real team ‘behind the screens’.

Geena is our enthusiastic Events and Marketing Manager here at Nimble. Technical wizard and provider of fantastic hugs, Geena has been with Nimble since 2016 and hasn’t looked back since!

Here’s a bit more about Geena including her proudest ‘Nimble Moment’ as well as what items she would want with her if she were stranded on a tropical island!

Since working at Nimble, what is your proudest achievement?
My proudest achievement since starting at Nimble – that’s so difficult… I would have to say launching the events – and seeing the reaction and commitment of attendees who return every year (and are excited to be invited!)
I have lots of other proud moments – seeing graphics or items I’ve designed in use at events or by clients; receiving positive feedback from projects we’ve worked on – but a standout moment for me, was the moment that the aerial act started rehearsing during the build for the Women in Rail Awards 2019.
As soon as the music started (The Greatest Show from The Greatest Showman soundtrack), it suddenly dawned on me how far not just Nimble as a company had come since I joined in 2016 – but how much I had grown as a person. Then seeing the reaction of the audience (which is always my favourite part of the job) during the event just topped everything.

What are your key responsibilities in your role?
Working for an SME allows me to work across a variety of roles and departments meaning every day is different, my main focus is Event and Marketing management and daily tasks include anything from research and development for new events, securing and management of suppliers, budget control, guest liaison and from a marketing perspective I work on both internal and external promotions as well as managing marketing for key clients which is a great way to hone my copywriting and design skills.

What’s your favourite and least favourite biscuit?
My favourite biscuit is a Chocolate Hobnob (a bit like me – a little naughty and nutty).
My least favourite biscuit is a Bourbon – honestly do not see the point in them! 😊

What’s your Archetype?
I am pretty equally split between Caregiver and Intellectual – with just a dash of Creative! I personally believe this sums up who I am as a person very well – friendly, sincere and compassionate; always wanting to learn and asking questions; whilst appreciating the beautiful things in life.

What is something we’d never guess about you?
Growing up, I wanted to be either a Chef – OR a forensic pathologist or anthropologist.

Are you a morning or a night person?
My standard response is: I’m not an early bird, I’m not a night owl – I’m some sort of mid-afternoon pigeon.

If you were stranded on a tropical island, what two things would you want with you?
A fully equipped shipping container and kindle with internet access *laugh*.
Otherwise, a tea plant (so I can cultivate and regrow) and a penknife.

Are you a cat person or a dog person? Why?
Both – they do so much for your mental health – when they’re so happy to see you no matter how your day has been or come to you for fuss.

Next, we will be speaking to Digital Marketing Assistant – and keen photographer – Evie.

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